B.V. Companies

Interrec B.V. Ireland Ltd

Location: Europe>>Ireland

Resale of excess and surplus stock as well as end of life product. We ship all over the world and inspection of product is welcomed at our warehouse. We sell all grades of TFT panels new and grade a, b, c also panels for lamp reclaim. Please be aware that its the panel only not complete LCD

Aviko (Gansu) Potato Processing Co., Ltd.

Location: Asia>>Thailand>>Nan

Aviko(Gansu) Potato Processing Co.,Ltd is a joint venture invested by Aviko B.V. and the Government of Minle County, Gansu, China, with Aviko B.V. holding majority of the shares. Situated on a 61 hectare site in the Ecological Industrial Park in Minle County, with a total investment of 200

Euricasia B.V. The Netherlands

Location: Europe>>Netherlands

The goal of Eur(ope),(Afr)ica and (A)sia B.V. is to improve trade with countries in those parts of the world. The source of these activities lies with Sunteam Trading Company B.V. in Oud-Beijerland, The Netherlands, founded

Jego Tech B.V.

Location: N/A

Jego Tech B.V. , founded in 1996, is a Dutch company specialized in blow moulding of hollow plastic products. Jego Tech B.V. produces packaging like bottles or containers but also plastic hollow parts for high end technical applications like copy machine toners. The production facilities


Location: N/A

Bloemimex B.V. is a fast growing agency in the Netherlands supplying you fresh flowers, plants, plant pots, flower bulbs, special vegetables, champagne and wines from all over the world. Bloemimex B.V. is also an official distributor for some of the nicest business premiums and promotional

Ashkan Trading B.V.

Location: N/A

Welcome at Ashkan Trading B.V. Ashkan Trading B.V. has world-wide experience in trading used Industrial machinery, Airport Equipments .With over 10 years of experience in the industrial machinery , Airport equipments business And has grown out to a company with world wide contacts. We buy

Lotus Impex B.V.

Location: Asia>>Turkey>>Van

Lotus Impex B.V. The netherlandsBrand new!www.vitawell.euwww.vitaminedirect.nl

Linx Telecommunications B.V. Linx Telecommunications B.V

Location: N/A

Linx Telecommunications B.V. is a leading telecommunications solutions provider, headquartered in Athens, Greece. More than 100 customers in over 50 countries select INTRACOM TELECOM for state-of the-art products and tailor-made

Jarifadi B.V.

Location: N/A

Jarifadi B.V. offers you the possibility to expand your sales area to The Netherlands.Jarifadi B.V. will get you familiar with Dutch potential buyers.Because of the financial crisis Dutch companies are looking for quality products for decent prices, and you are the company who can offer


Location: Europe>>Netherlands

Shipside Tax Free Cars is since 1956 the true specialist when it comes to the purchase of a brand new tax free car. We are able to deliver with a tax free car registration and/or direct shipment.  We welcome any application and offer our service to Diplomats, Military, Expats, Traders

Home of China B.V.

Location: Asia>>Turkey>>Van

Based in the Netherlands, Home of China (HOC) is a Dutch well reputed consulting company, which aims to establish Chinese-Dutch cooperative relations, and offer project consulting services for both sides. Due to the successful services so far, our business areas have been extended from normal


Location: Europe>>Netherlands

The delivery programme consists of highly, mostly patented machines for the fresh processing of a large diversity on agricultural products like: Potatoes; Onions; Carrots; Cucumbers; Leafy vegetables; Bell peppers. The machines of Sormac are mainly developed for above-mentioned vegetables,

Van Vliet Trucks Holland B.V.

Location: Europe>>Netherlands

Since its establishment in 1953, Van Vliet Trucks Holland B.V. has maintained the highest standards of quality, continuity and expertise. More than 59 years of experience and devotion to the trade have resulted in reliable workmanship and high standards. To those who work at Van Vliet, a truck

dutchmed.eood bulgaria

Location: Europe>>Bulgaria

Dutchmed B.V. is based in the Netherlands and was in 1980 originally established as an export sales outlet for a number of Dutch hospital equipment manufacturers. · Gradually, Dutchmed B.V. broadened its base from being a supplier of hospital-equipment of predominately Dutch

Placacka B.V.

Location: Europe>>Czech republic

We are the official importer of electric fly swatters (Electricka Placacka) in CZ, HU and SK. An electrical fly swatter hits the mosquito and kills it instantly. Cheap product, 100% margin for you. Our product is the ONLY legal fly swatter in the EU which complies to all EU regulations.

Twenco B.V.

Location: Europe>>Netherlands

strong> erving Composite Production Facilities Around the World /strong> Twenco is specialized in development and production of equipment and software for the wind industry. lade root saw and drilling machines ixing equipment ould heating lade balancing

Happenex Holding B.V.

Location: Europe>>Netherlands>>Zuid-holland

Happenex Holding B.V. is a privately owned company where ownership is divided equally between the management and a Dutch investment company. Our main working principles are support, reliability and precision. Our main business activity is physical trade of coal from mines of Russia and


Location: Europe>>Netherlands

Recently we started to offer environment-friendly, natural fencing as replacement for the impregnated wooden fences and durable wooden fences of tropical wood. We decided this to prevent the deforestation in the world and to stop the carcinogenic methods of impregnation of wooden fences. This

HKS Metals B.V.

Location: Europe>>Netherlands

Welcome to the website of HKS Metals, your partner in environmentally sound industrial recycling of ferrous as well as non-ferrous metals. Youâ??re welcome to explore the website to find out more about us. Here you find a further description of our activities, services and processing-capab

Houtimport L.P. Rolle Schijndel B.V.

Location: Europe>>Netherlands

The Rolle group covers the total process from forest cultivation to artificially dried wood, cut to size and classified according to our rigorous standards. Our own sawmill, together with close cooperative links with other sawmills, ensures that we can harvest the most suitable wood from